Atheist lacking explanation of the purpose of life reduced to deny God instead.

Atheists don’t believe in the Bible. Let’s see how far one can strive to explain about the purpose of life.
@arconagbuya – Is there an explanation from atheists about the purpose of life?
@Atheistparsnip – Be happy. Well that’s my purpose, it’s better than not being. My family, job and friends make me happy. The genetic purpose in life is to reproduce etc but as humans we have personal goals too. It isn’t a set purpose, life doesn’t work like that. Being happy is important to me because I’d rather be happy than miserable.
@arconagbuya – You said the genetic purpose of life is to reproduce. Is there a reason why?
@Atheistparsnip – Not sure why this needs explaining, but to continue your genes. Animals reproduce to continue their genes, this happens all through nature. To continue your genetic code. Thats the last time I’m stating this so if you’re going to keep asking the same question I’m off
@arconagbuya – Being happy, goals, genes… What is the reason behind all these? Does atheism lack explanation about being happy, genes, goals in life?
@Atheistparsnip – Yes, all atheism is the lack of belief in gods, simple. There is no greater purpose that we (man) know of, but there does not have to be one either.
purpose of life
Atheists say they are intelligent people because they don’t believe in God. I don’t know how they came to that conclusion. The Bible has authentic account about God who created the universe, but atheists don’t believe. But when you set aside religion for a while and ask them about atheism’s explanation of the purpose of life, they will just say life has no purpose and simply deny the existence of God. But only stupid people will accept that stupidity.

Now, let me show you a sound answer about the true meaning of life which atheists could never ever explain –

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10 Responses to Atheist lacking explanation of the purpose of life reduced to deny God instead.

  1. Sahm King says:

    Question: what is your definition of “authentic”? And by what criteria do you deem the Bible authentic?

    I also read the link you provided. In sum, it posited that the purpose of life, as the bible declares, is basically life itself. Quote: “The biblical answer is: life is the cause of existence of everything there is; and the purpose by which it was made to exist.” It goes on to quote some scriptures, but the only point it seems to make is, life itself is the purpose of life. The meaning of life is also said to be “…to spend in service to Him, with our entire being and faculties.” It also goes on to say that “the true meaning of life is existence and awareness without end, without death, misery and troubles.” Basically, the true meaning of life is to become immortal.

    So what is the purpose of living forever? Just to do it? So, ultimately, the purpose and meaning of your life are to 1) give your entire being to the worship of God, 2) live forever for the sake of living?

    If that’s so, are you not acting in opposition to your biblical purpose by doing anything else that takes part of your being from the servic we of God and the attainment of immortality? If so, why? Why are you not in a constant state of worship? How does the stated purpose and meaning not make a temporal existence procreating over and over again a waste of time? To achieve these purposes, wouldnt it be faster for God to make us as he made the angels, because, these purpos3s and meanings are, according to tradition, exactly what the angels already exist for. Did God just get bored with their ilk, then?

    And is not a belief concluding humanity began with just two people necessarily reliant on a sin strictly forbade by the Bible, that of incest? So the purpose and meaning are necessarily a product of sin? To achieve the listed purpose and fulfill the meaning, sin was necessary…

    • Arcon Agbuya says:

      And since you don’t have an explanation for the purpose of life, you will just say there is no God. Nonetheless, life is purposeless for atheists.

      We don’t have the obligation to make you believe. Just stick to your stupid theories of how you came to appear. Funny though, you don’t know the reason behind why you evolved.

      And please stop refuting the Bible just to have your belief. Can’t you be an atheist without using our Bible? Don’t you have your own book? How dare you use the Bible when you don’t understand it? Atheists are ungrateful parasites who depend on the Bible so they can have something to say in the society and appear intelligent, but they don’t appear as such.

      We’ve been existing big time with purpose. Whereas atheists still keep looking for the answer where their common ancestors with apes came from. Pathetic.

      • Sahm King says:

        Oh, and for the record, not all evolutionists are atheists. There are some prominent evolutionary biologists that believe in the God of Moses. Just an FYI. And not all atheists have anything to do with science. In fact, I bet it would surprise you to know that not all atheists agree that the theory of evolution is accurate. Of course, it make take you going out, finding information on your own versus being told what to think… Just sayin’.

      • Arcon Agbuya says:

        Enough of your roundabouts.

        Question: Why did your ancestors evolve? Where did they come from?

      • Sahm King says:

        There is no “why”. But if you must know, survival. And as far as from whence they hail, best evidence points to the Far can Savannah.

        Now, you tell me where Eden was located, and how you honestly believe the mother of our species was made out of a dude’s rib. I wouldn’t be so pompous if a ridiculous faerie tale is your source of absolute knowledge.

      • Arcon Agbuya says:

        There’s no reason as to why your ancestors evolved? You evolved for no reason at all? Okay, so you’re a product of a senseless process. And I just couldn’t believe I’m still communicating to a senseless person right now. Anyway, thank you so much for finally admitting.

        Next, from what place did your ancestors came from again? And how did they appear? Popped out from the ground? And Why? Is there any reason AT ALL why they appeared in that place? Please don’t tell me again that there is no “WHY” they appeared in that place. If you keep telling that, you’re stupid.

        I’ll have many sensible things to do. I got a lot of purposeful days ahead. If you’re going to waste them by proving your reasonless existence, then I’m off. Thank you and have a purposeful day!

  2. Sahm King says:

    Firstly, I don’t believe life has any intrinsic purpose. The mantra “Life is what you make it” makes more sense to me than “The purpose of life is to serve God and become immortal.” What does Service to God even mean? ISIS would say it’s beheading the infidel. A baptist would say it’s spreading the Gospel. The Jew will say it’s observing the Laws of Moses. What does service to God mean? The only thing you’d be able to likely provide me is your own interpretation of what that service is, which means, you’re choosing your very own purpose for how to live life. It’s either that, or God is telling a whole bunch of you very different things about how to serve Him.

    I’m not refuting the bible to have my belief. I asked questions. And according to the Bible, you do have an obligation to make me believe. The Word itself says so. So, are you telling me, then, that you don’t have any real answers, and that you’re cherry picking the Bible and making things up as you go along?

    I have a purpose in life. It’s to eliminate that which is anathema to the progress of the human species. Namely, religion. Of course, I chose my purpose.

    • Arcon Agbuya says:

      Again, don’t use our Bible as your reference. It’s intended for believers like me.

      You should have your own book! Isn’t Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution enough to prove your belief?

      • Sahm King says:

        That’s cowardice at its finest. You can’t say “do as I say, not as I do, and only believers can use a book of ours as reference.”. You’re not a believer. If you were, you’d not fear my words. You’re not the first to fall at the truth.

        Come off it kid.

      • Arcon Agbuya says:

        I’m not interested in your circuitous routes. I’ve been waiting for a well-founded answer to this:

        How did your ancestors come to appear in the place you mentioned and why?

        Again, stop fooling around by saying that there is no “WHY” behind your ancestors’ appearance. If you keep telling that, you’re really stupid.

        I repeat. How did your ancestors come to appear in the place you mentioned and why?

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