On Freethinker’s Shoes

The lion wanted to live in the sea so its legs turned into flippers and poof! It became a sea lion. If the lion wants to fly it will become a flying lion. Whatever the creature wishes, evolution grants. But after some millions of years.

There is flying fish. Its pectoral fins are getting longer because it actually wants to fly. The aquatic creature wants to prey on insects so it is evolving itself to become aerial. It will now have the change to revenge against their predator albatross. For now, flying fish only glides but there will come a time that it will be really flying.

On 13th of February year 5002011, 5 million years from now, evolution will be noticeable. There will be fishes flying on the streets and on the fields having feathers instead of scales. One way to best catch these flying species is to use slingshot. Fishermen will be also using gliders throwing fishnets to have a catch. Dynamite fishing will do but needs perfect timing. The fisherman has to make sure the thrown dynamite hits the fish before it explodes on the ground hurting his wife, children, and destroying his house. There will be an option to avoid accidents – throw the dynamite up instead!

Humans will also experience evolution after millions of years. It will depend on the needs and wants of a person. Some can grow wings because humans dream of flying. Some grow gills to avoid drowning because many people now want to explore and live under the sea. Evolution seems good news for homosexuals, they can grow what they’ve been wanting to grow on their bodies! But not so fast! They will have to wait millions of years for them to enjoy the magic of evolution. Humans dream of invisibility and yes, evolution can do it. And sooner, humans will lay eggs. Sounds weird? Well, it’s not. Human males have balls, remember? You just have to think of it and it will happen in the future. Surely.

There are many freethinkers now and I see them on the internet. I also meet some in our place. I am not alone. There are Bill Gates, Bruce Lee, and other intelligent personalities. Amazing and rich people. I have known them on many freethinkers websites and videos. These are my references of disbelief in God.

This is what they brag about!

Someone asked me, “Do you know where your beliefs are bringing you?” Haha! Stupid question doesn’t merit my intelligent answer. I have many friends who are freethinkers. I don’t worry about anything at all. I got my children to take care of me if I get old. There are caregivers if I really get old. There is a casket if I die. That’s how simple life is. You live and you die. No big deal. Everybody has its end.

The rich lives luxuriously; the poor humbly. What if the rich kills the poor? What if the rich twisted the case and was able to live freely, despite of the crime he committed? Is there no justice for that poor victim?

Let’s change the topic. Refuting God’s existence is fun. Atheism makes us famous and always on the headline. We exist as long as there are people who believe in God.  They can’t even answer our very simple question “Who created God?” So, evolution now is a fact and it rules! It is backed with science and believed by rich and famous people. This is what I will teach my children and I’m sure they’ll be proud of me.

I don’t care if there are rich and poor people dying? They’re not even my relatives. And I belong to the middle class society so it doesn’t affect me. There’s probably no God so stop worrying and enjoy life! Haha! I love wearing these nice shoes. I look good on it, don’t I?


By the grace and will of the Almighty, I am not going to put my feet on those kind of shoes, walking in darkness.

I’d rather walk barefooted with God,
with Him lighting up my journey.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.

-Psalms 119:105 (KJV)

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8 Responses to On Freethinker’s Shoes

  1. I can’t even imagine myself putting my feet on such shoes! Those free(s)thinkers’ shoes stink! Gross! Freakstinkers will think whatever they want. The ultimate, total mess!!!

  2. Anne Morsoft says:

    Granting without accepting evolution is true, is not monkey the one which evolved and not the man? Why is it called ‘evolution of man?’

  3. What if the rich kills the poor? What if the rich twisted the case and was able to live freely, despite of the crime he committed? Is there no justice for that poor victim? Is that it?

    For atheists, there is no more hope of justice for that poor man. When a man dies, it’s his end. Atheists’ Darwinian impulse can’t explain further. Their rational thinking won’t have anything more to say. What a shallow point of view!

    The Bible, ironically atheists’ basis of Atheism, says in Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

    This statement from the Holy Scriptures gives everyone the hope of God’s justice we seem not to get in this world. Justice which every atheist and freethinker could taste!

  4. Chuck Darwin says:

    wow the stupidity here hurts. Is that really what you people think ? Freethinkers will save the world I can guarantee it. The religitards are trying to destroy it and have done a great job over the centuries. Really just because you want something to be a particular way doesn’t mean it’s true. WAKE UP !

    • Arcon Agbuya says:

      freethinkers WILL save the world??? Is that what you have in perspective? DUH!!!

      How can you save the world when you can’t even show people how to be compassionate. Have you done charity efforts so that these people you call religitards be persuaded to think the same way that you do? Or you are just one of those gibberish trying to catch attention and appear intelligent? -_-

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